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In sports stadiums and entertainment venues, everyone is looking for ways to keep their phones and devices charged so they don’t miss that important call. But how often have you, your staff, or your fans been in need of a phone charger only to discover that it has been misplaced or stolen?

This all too common problem is not only nagging but can negatively impact your bottom line. Be it at your corporate offices, common areas, or fan food courts, the cost to replace lost or stolen phone charging blocks and cables can add up quickly.

Lock Socket® provides an innovative solution to this problem with a patent-pending device that prevents loss and theft. Simply secure your charger block and cable to a standard wall socket and you’ll never lose your phone charger again!


Interested in installing Lock Socket® charger locks in your facility or venue? Please share your information below and our Bulk Sales Account Manager will reach out to you promptly.

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“The Lock Socket products are incredibly helpful to ensure that our devices remain plugged in and charged. What’s more, they prevent accidental issues and theft alike!”

Jonathan Stahl - VP, Experience & Hospitality, Washington Nationals

“We received our first order of Lock Socket products to test in one of our dining areas at the Washington Nationals ballpark. Now that the team has them installed and we’ve seen them in action, I’m ready to order more!”

Chakib Mezimeche, Levy Restaurants
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Available for iPhone, iPad and Samsung Phone Charger Blocks


Not using an Apple or Samsung OEM charging block? Send us your charging block and we will custom create a Lock Socket for your hospital or health facility.

One time setup fee and minimum quantity order will apply. Fees vary.

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